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The Thinking Photographer’s Guide to Online Website Builders

  • Rum Dodle Studios 155 Fleet Street Portsmouth, NH, 03801 United States (map)
scheme website

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of online services that compete for the typical photographer’s business. We'll review and discuss the merits of those website-building services you should consider, and provide a comparison of those select services.

What do I know about this topic? I've run one of the oldest web development firms in the country for over a quarter century, and even I elected to use a web building platform to develop my photography website. The same site you're reading this very page on right now.

This lecture and discussion are based in part on one of the publications in The Thinking Photographer's Guide series, available for purchase separately.

About Tuesdays with Johnny...

Yes, Tuesdays with Johnny pays titular homage to Tuesdays with Morrie, but deals more with the philosophy and application of photography and not so much with love and life.

The concept is a part didactic, part Socratic learning experience. In some cases, participants might learn a photo editing technique. In others, participants might participate in a post-lecture discussion on best practices of this or that. The format will evolve as the year goes on.

Once a month or so we'll gather for 90 minute sessions somewhere in the NH Seacoast (usually one of our conference rooms in Portsmouth). There will be about an hour of lecture, demonstration, mini-workshop, and/or discussion; followed by half an hour of answering questions on the then-current topic, or any other photography-related topic.

Relevant printed or downloadable materials may be made available for some lectures. An online version of the lecture/demo may be available in some cases, too.