Projects keep us sharp, hone our creative edge, and afford us the opportunity to test the waters with colleagues and other professionals through collaboration.

Interested in collaborating with us on a project? Bring your project ideas or, if you're game, work with us on one of our current projects.

Note that some of these project galleries contain artistic nudity or themes not suitable for children under 18 years old. Nothing lascivious or prurient, mind you, but if you're under 18, offended by nudity, easily impressionable, or afraid of clowns, please stop here and don't go any further.

Current Projects...


Fashionable outfits, made to suit.


Super high-key sets, hand-inked. Seriously unique.

Fabrics (NSFW)

Cloths, papers, sheets of this or that. Place them here, place them there, or float them in the air.



Distinctive old-school lighting to evoke the glamour of the mid-20th century glory days.

Chairs (NSFW)

Sit or stand; over, under, or around.
Shoot. Ah.

Bodyscapes (NSFW)

Since centuries past, little has held our interest as has the natural beauty of the human form.


Recently Completed...

Plain White Tease (NSFW)

Highly collaborative. We provide white Ts. You make of it what you can.

No Smoking on Star Island

A day-trip to the magical Star Island.

Geometry (NSFW)

A study of geometric expression.

Clown and Out

At the end of the day, what happens when there is no one around to keep the clown laughing?