Photo Session

Rum Doodle Studios & Katy T

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Rum Doodle Studios (at the Button Factory)
851 Islington Street, Studio 211
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Scroll down for some helpful info for you:

  1. Getting to the Studio

  2. Facilities

  3. Mood Boards

  4. Releases & Payment

Getting to the Studio


To get to the Portsmouth Studio, set your GPS to 855 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801.

If you’re coming north on Islington St. (from Routes 33 or I-95), make a left onto Frenchman’s Lane. If you’re coming south on Islington Street (form downtown), make a right onto Frenchman’s Lane.

Frenchman’s Lane looks like a short decrepit driveway. Follow it the short distance until you get to the four-story mill building (The Button Factory) in front of you and park where you can near the mill.

Come in the main entrance of the Button Factory (look for the tall tower - that’s the entrance and stairwell) and go up one flight to the second floor. When you exit the stairs into the hallway, we’re across the hallway at about one o’clock on the watch dial - Studio 211. Come on in.


Our Portsmouth location is in the Button Factory, a mill converted to artist working studios. Unlike our well-polished Newmarket space, this building is a bit rougher around the edges.

The bathroom is across and slightly down the hall. Parts of our space will be under renovation or construction until summer 2019, so please bear with us. We still shoot executive portraits, small products, and art projects throughout the week, and we will do our utmost to accommodate your comfort.

Parking is available on-site. We have fast-chargers for new mobile devices, but please bring a USB cord for your device if your device does not use USB-C. Our Apple and micro-USB cords walk away often enough that we cannot guarantee their availability.

We normally supply food for half-day and longer shoots from our excellent neighbor, The Street. Take a look at their menu for ideas and try not to drool over your keyboard.

Currently undergoing renovation:

  • Kitchen cabinets are being moved to their new location

  • The waiting area walls are being plastered and painted

  • The make-up table, lights, mirror, and partition may be temporarily unavailable while the walls are being completed

  • The second half of the storage area is being ripped out to allow for painting, and new shelving and storage.

Mood Boards

To give a sense of the sets we may employ for our session, a set of mood boards is packed into a PDF below. It’s likely we’ll get through only two or three sets, though we may get lucky and touch on a couple others, too.

Releases and Payment