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Going Retro - Medium Format Film

  • Rum Doodle Studios 24 Front Street Exeter, NH, 03833 United States (map)

Now that the megapixel wars are over, photographers are coming to grips with the idea that great photographs are made by good artists - not good equipment, and film camera prices have plummeted, many photographers are looking to get back to the classic look and feel of film and the slow, deliberate method of taking just a few shots per session.


This workshop is for fine art, portrait, landscape, and hobby photographers that grew up in the digital world and want to explore conventional film in a studio setting.

Introduction to Medium Format Film Photography

We'll begin by covering some basics, including:

  • a primer on obtaining equipment and film
  • differences between shooting in digital and film
  • differences between developing digital negatives and film
  • manual camera operation
  • ISO/ASA, triggering strobes, and reciprocity failure
  • working with people as subjects
  • getting the photos edit-ready
  • cost differences

One-on-One Hands-on Sessions

After getting comfortable with the camera operation, we'll move to the fun part - where each participant will load film, set up the shots, shoot a roll of 120 film (12-15 exposures), then unload the film. Each participant will have exclusive use of our model during the 20- to 30-minute session, and can choose to shoot with strobes in Studio 1, or use natural light in Studio 2. Participants not shooting will still gain quite a bit of knowledge from observing the current photographer. Expert guidance will be on hand at all times to help the active photographer and answer any questions from any participant.

Once the course fills up, we hope to make additional one-on-one sessions available to participants for additional practice.


Film and Development

The cost of a roll of 120 film, film development, high-res scans that will be available to download within a few days, and mailing your developed negatives to you are included in the cost of the one-on-one sessions. We use the outstanding services of Dover's PhotoSmith for film, development, and scanning.


Medium Format Camera

You are welcome to use our Mamiya 645 Pro medium format camera. We'll have an auto winder and PocketWizard strobe trigger attached, as well as as en eye-level prism to make framing the shot much easier on you. You are welcome to remove the winder, trigger, and/or the prism if you want to go really old school. We've attached a portrait zoom lens for convenience.

If you own a medium format camera, you're welcome to bring it along. Be sure it has a standard hotshoe mount for the strobe trigger, and that all batteries are fresh, if you want to use the strobes in Studio 1 for your one-on-one session(s).


Our models for this event has yet to be determined. Once we contract models, their availability will be made announced here. Those of you who are familiar with our previous workshops know the caliber of our models is very high and the price very reasonable - you won't be disappointed.