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Rum Doodle Studios
Package and Product Delivery
155 Fleet Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801
603-686-8090 (Connects to all studios)

Portraits, Art, and Workshops
855 Islington Street, Studio 211, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Portrait and Product Studios
125 Main Street, Suite C, Newmarket, NH 03857

Studios A, B, and C for Large Set Photography
15 Merrill Street, Manchester, NH 03103

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Studio 211 - Portsmouth, NH

Millspace studio in the Button Factory for portraits, art, and workshops.


Studio C - Newmarket, NH

Intimate studios with multiple sets for portraits, products, and beauty/fashion.


Studios A and B - Manchester, NH

Over 8,000 square feet of space, multiple cyc walls and dozens of ever-changing sets, uncountable props, innumerable lighting and support systems, live friendly staff, clean bathrooms, loading docks, and more.